Win win win

Dr. Sheffield’s entire approach to patient care is results oriented and focuses on the individual. I had numerous symptoms from years with scoliosis that I thought wouldn’t diminish. Only a few weeks into my treatment plan brought dramatic relief from pain, better sleep and a renewed outlook on my bodies potential. She has answers, skill and an amazing bedside manner – win win win! 

Christiana W

A new level of healing

I have been to 7 different chiropractors in the last 15 years. 5 in Texas and 2 in Colorado. Each helped me in various ways. They all had different modalities of how they treat a patient.  

 Then a friend told me about Dr. Sheffield in Austin. Even though I live 50 miles away from Westlake, I attended one of her "Lunch & Learn" luncheons and heard her speak. I heard things I had never heard before about the body as well as similar information that I knew about how chiropractic works.  I was so glad I came to the luncheon that day. I sensed she was different in how she practiced and what she might be able to do to help me. This difference seemed like, "Wow, I gotta come see her!"  So, I did, and I was right.  The day that I attended "Lunch & Learn," I was hurting pretty bad in my neck, shoulders, and back. I have had a chronic problem off and on for years. 

Dr. Sheffield has the most comprehensive approach I have ever been exposed to in chiropractic care. She has been getting to the root of my chronic condition and treating it and it's working. She has taken me to an entirely new level of healing than ever before.  She is also very "aware" of what the body needs.  

Additionally, I feel so cared for by Dr. Sheffield.  This extends to her Assistant, Sandra, also. They are both very caring people, and you can feel how much they care about you.

It's been 2 months since I started seeing her, and I am so improved. The changes are holding.  I will continue to see her.  I cannot recommend her enough!

I feel like I am finally going to be well!

Cindy C.

Relief for the first time

I’ve had chronic back pain for much of my life.  Over the years I’ve seen several different chiropractors with only a little lasting improvement, and no real idea what the problem was.  Dr. Sheffield was the first chiropractor to diagnose that I have a rare congenital defect causing my back pain, and she has tailored a treatment plan that is, for the first time, giving me real relief.   She is a conscientious and caring doctor.


Absolutely remarkable

I love going to this chiropractor! There's a soothing environment, friendly staff, and overall, you can tell Dr. Sheffield loves -and is very skilled- in what she does. She is very personable and easy to talk to, as well as very professional and motivated to help you feel better. Dr. Sheffield has been treating a range of my complicated spinal trauma for several months now. When I first started seeing her I was in the worst, most debilitating, pain of my life. Since then, Dr. Sheffield's treatment has managed my pain, relieved much of my stress, and re-energized my life so that it is more fulfilling. The changes in my well-being have been absolutely remarkable.

Fa A.

Outstanding results

Successful health care requires a holistic approach to the body. Dr. Sheffield is a caring professional who leverages her knowledge in multiple medical disciplines to ensure a comprehensive approach to your health. My personal experience has been nothing short of outstanding.

Brett J.

Better than I've felt in years

I went to see Dr. Sheffield because I'd been discussing seeing "someone" with my husband because I just felt terrible all the time. My body hurt. I had recently started a workout regimen and struggled through it every day. I couldn't put my finger on the problem. I chose Dr. Sheffield because I didn't want to take the traditional medicine route. After 4 weeks of seeing Dr. Sheffield, I feel better than I've felt in YEARS! My body from a chiropractic standpoint was in terrible condition. Now I am beginning to see why I had some of the symptoms I had and feel great with her putting my whole body back in alignment. I would recommend Dr. Sheffield to anyone interested in chiropractic care. Dr. Sheffield has remarkable character as well! 

Jennifer R.

Scoliosis pain management

Dr. Sheffield is not only a remarkable practitioner, but a wonderful person.  As patients of hers, my son and I can unequivocally say she is the best chiropractor in Austin.  What a difference she has made with my son’s pain management from severe scoliosis.

Kara B.

Improved health and outlook

I am a 72 year old male and a U.S. Navy veteran.  I had a diagnosis of Sciatic Nerve pain on my right side, especially the foot and knee area.  At the onset the pain was severe and my mobility was limited.   I have tried physical therapy with some success and acupuncture with limited success.  I have been treated by Dr. Sheffield for several months.  My pain level has decreased markedly, especially in my lower back, and my mobility has improved.  I can now walk without a cane for short distances.  Several months ago my cane was my constant companion.  I now require periodic adjustments much less often, approximately every four weeks. Chiropractic has improved my health and outlook. 

Jerry F., D.D.S.

Upper cervical works

I began seeing Dr. Katerina Sheffield in May 2011. I was in constant pain from an ongoing neck injury. This was after I had already had disk surgery, to resolve the problem. The surgery only resolved part of the pain… at that point I was anticipating a lifetime of unresolved pain. Dr. Sheffield made one small adjustment to my upper spine (top disk) which immediately stopped the pain…. in that FIRST visit. Over the next couple of weeks the pain came and went between visits as it took several visits before my body would sustain the change (stay in alignment). I am thrilled to report that I now have NO PAIN! I almost can’t believe that such a small adjustment can make such a huge difference in my daily life…. but it does! ~ One VERY HAPPY – pain free customer :)


Treated the cause 

Over the past 10 years, I have been to just about every type of healthcare practitioner in Austin. MDs, PTs, Chiropractors,& massage therapists. No one could quite put their finger on the source of my pain and chronic problems. I've been told everything from there is 'nothing they can do for me' to 'learn to live with the pain' to 'maybe someone else can figure you out' to 'you have the worst back I've ever seen.' Then I saw Dr. Sheffield. She did a thorough history, exam and x-rays and knew almost immediately what we were dealing with. Now under her care, I can sleep through the night, I've changed my diet and my supplements and I feel like a new person. Better than I have in many, many years. After the 3rd adjustment, I woke up in the morning and every vertebrae in my spine starting sliding into place. We were no longer just treating the symptoms, we treated the CAUSE! It's nothing short of miraculous to me, but all in a day's work for her. 


Prevented surgery

I began seeing Dr. Sheffield in April. When I arrived at her office, I could barely walk. I had been suffering with extreme lower back pain for quite some time but seemed to somehow "live" with it. In the month of March, while vacationing, I actually collapsed in so much pain. Dr. Sheffield sent me to have x-rays done and my L4,5, discs were out and I also had an Atlas mis-alignment. I had no idea how much trauma had been done to my back over a course a several years letting this problem go. Dr. Sheffield has truly kept me from having to have back surgery. I am no longer suffering with any back pain, neck pain, nor headaches. I can exercise again and wear my heels. She is an amazing Doctor! Until you suffer back pain you have no idea just HOW painful it can be. I am forever grateful for her. 

Laura B.

Dr. Sheffield is knowledgeable, gentle and everything one could ask for in their partner on the pathway to health. She loves her work, her patients and it shows at every visit!

Christie M.

Migraines completely stopped

For the past 15 years, I have suffered from severe migraines. It got to the point where I was having them twice a week. I also suffer from chronic pain due to a sports related injury, which eventually transpired to pain in my lower back. Needless to say, I was in bad shape. Then, I met Dr. Sheffield. At first I was leery in working with her because I had never been to a chiropractor and no one, thus far, had been able to help me. However, Dr. Sheffield immediately found the problematic area in my spine. Since working with Dr. Sheffield, my migraines have completely stopped. I no longer have pain in my lower back and the sports related injury has dramatically improved. I feel better than ever, and I owe it all to Dr. Sheffield. Not only is she a miracle worker, but caring, passionate and kind, as well. I definitely recommend utilizing her services. Thank you Dr. Sheffield!

Susan W.

No addictions or side effects

I first came to Dr. Sheffield after an open-minded doctor who chooses to treat, rather than just medicate, recommended her to me. Because it is as much as it is a 175-mile round trip from my house, I had intended to be open minded enough to try it. 

Because of a lifetime of injuries from a gun shot wound to the mouth as a child, to oil field and construction injuries, plus 40+ years as a stone mason etc pain was a way of life, but at the age of 51 heart problems and strokes limited my activities. Having tried physical therapy, acupuncture and cupping, work hardening programs and years of chiropractic treatment with the then president of the American Chiropractic Association, with each having limited or temporary relief. 

So, after being treated for only a few sessions I experienced noticeable and longer periods of relief. With 66 years just a few months away, and other health problem, I am not calling this a miracle, but your help has surely been a blessing. 

With no addictions or side effects, I will continue to sing your praises. Thank you and your staff for your professional and courteous help.


Steve J.

Severe migraine treatment

For 20 years I suffered from severe migraines, usually 10-15 days per month. And for 20 years I tried everything BUT chiropractic:  all kinds of pharmaceuticals, elimination diets, estrogen patches, botox, pain management, physical therapy, acupuncture, you name it. In 2011 my primary care physician suggested I see Dr Sheffield, and I will be forever grateful! Through x-rays and examinations Dr Sheffield determined exactly what was going on with my skull and spine that was keeping my neck, shoulders, and head feeling tied up in knots. I do still get some headaches, but they are much less frequent and much less severe. And my trapezius muscles, which used to just ache all the time, finally feel relaxed and pain-free. I used to be scared and skeptical of chiropractic, but now I'm a believer!! Thanks, Dr S!

Kirsten M.

So much relief

Dr. Sheffield has performed miracles on me. She is one of the kindest and most caring doctors I know. I am so thankful that my primary care doctor referred me to her.
I was always leary of going to see a Chiropractor because of all of the terrible stories I had heard, and also because I have a lot of hardware in me. I have a foot long Harrington rod in my back due to having scoliosis, and a plate and screw in my neck from an accident.
The very first time I went to see Dr. Sheffield, she gave me a thorough evaluation and I had x-rays taken of my back and neck. After my very first treatment, I sat in my car to leave and my back popped from top to bottom for the first time in over four decades. I never thought that would EVER be possible due to the rod in my back. I felt so much relief... and then came the tears. I had no idea where they were coming from because I wasn’t in any pain. They continued to roll down my face for the 40 minute drive home. I always heard that the body, mind, and spirit were intertwined, but I had no idea just how much. I experienced chronic pain for so many years, these feelings were bottled up inside of me. I finally got the release my body needed and I hadn’t felt that good since I was a teenager! My atlas was off center by a long shot and she relieved the terrible pain in my neck by realigning that as well.

She continued to treat me and she was able to balance out my body to where I don’t even have to wear a shoe lift anymore! I was always so conscientious about needing to wear one.Through her treatments, she has also relieved my migraines, lower back pain, along with the excruciating muscle spasms in my mid back.
I also went to see her when I had a really bad case of sciatica. After a couple of treatments, I felt so much better! I have neuropathy and spinal stenosis. I was feeling tingling in my legs and they were going numb. I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon and was told I needed an invasive back surgery. Through Dr. Sheffield’s expertise in realignment, she was able to stabilize my lower back and the numbness and tingling in my legs subsided.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Sheffield. I am forever grateful to her and give thanks to God for her healing hands.

Headaches Went Away

I have been a patient of Dr. Sheffield for two years. I have had surgery for scoliosis so my needs as a patient are unique. Dr. Sheffields gentle technique and pinpoint accuracy with adjustments is what gave me relief and results after years of discomfort. Headaches went away, lower back pain left and my quality of life improved. I value that she also offers holistic care and can speak to other ailments and conditions and make recommendations for supplements and other treatments that would aid healing. She is an outstanding provider!

Christiana W.

Worked wonders

A fantastic place with a warm, beautiful and friendly atmosphere!   Dr. Katerina has worked wonders with my neck and shoulder issues. After many months of pain and surgeries, I gave Westlake Chiropractic a try. I'm certainly happy that I did!   Thanks to Katerina, I have regained a great deal of range of motion in my spine and shoulders. I'm now able to workout and do the things that I love in life! The gentle but thorough and knowledgeable approach by Katerina and her wonderful assistant Victoria will let you know how much they care!  I'd recommend Westlake Chiropractic any and everyone who wants the Best! 

Scott M.

Fibromyalgia Pain

Working with Dr. Sheffield has immensely helped with my fibromyalgia pain. Having fibro complicates everything (especially because some pain is structural/muscular and some is from overactive nerves), but Dr. Sheffield has always listened to me carefully and provided compassionate care at a pace that was good for my body. Part of having fibro is having an overactive nervous system and her approach to treating the nervous system as an integral part of spinal care has helped in calming my nervous system. Moreover, she has always believed me when I've explained my pain, a rare quality in doctors treating fibromyalgia. I highly recommend working with Dr. Sheffield, especially for people with complicated medical cases like my own.

Amy G., PhD


I came to Dr. Sheffield for vertigo which resulted from a fall/concussion. In just a few sessions, my vertigo was completely gone - and the pain in my neck (that I thought I was going to have live with forever) disappeared as well.  I am so grateful for Dr. Sheffield's conscientious care and kind presence. The back-rolling machine she uses to integrate her work at the end of every session is a welcome bonus!

Cynthia F.


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