Golf Performance

Hello, my name is Jacob. I'm a 18 year old guy who is very passionate about golf, but over the past couple of months I've had some physical issues that have prevented me from playing the game I know. Starting in March 2021, I began to feel pain in my lower and upper back. I consulted with my mother, a licensed massage therapist, about what our line of action should be to attack this problem. After treatment, the pain somewhat subsided but was still quite prevalent. We both came to the conclusion that it wasn't so much a muscular issue, but a skeletal one. 

Both my Mother and Father have seen Dr. Sheffield in the past so they suggested I go in. My first consultation was amazing, Dr. Sheffield was very welcoming and really seemed to sympathize with my situation. She had ordered x-rays, and after looking at them we discovered my Atlas and C1 were out, as well as slight scoliosis and decreased neck curve. I never would have thought that so much would have been wrong with me. The next visit she informed me about my Atlas and how significant that little two ounce bone was, when she adjusted it I immediately felt different. The following morning the upper back pain and muscle spasms were gone! It was a very slight adjustment, however it made such a drastic difference. Over time and consistency all of the pain gradually started to fade. My lower back felt restored, but more than anything, my confidence was restored. I am now able to move throughout my swing pain free, finish a round without fatigue, and play the game I once knew. I am truly grateful for Dr. Sheffield and how she has impacted my life. 

Jacob S.

Sosa is No. 9 in the American Junior Golf Association and No. 19 in the Golfweek/Sagarin Rankings. Some of his recent top 10 finishes include the 2021 Boys Junior PGA Championship (seventh), the 2021 Polo Golf Junior Classic (fifth) and the 2021 Sergio and Angela Garcia Foundation Junior Championship (second). Jacob played 4 years at Westlake High School and will continue his golf career at the University of Texas Austin.

No more headaches

I have found the last piece of the puzzle in the treatment of mid thoracic, neck pain and headaches. I've been on a 30 year journey with pain brought on partly because of poor posture and car accidents where I was rear ended at 55 to 60 miles per hour. Thinking I was "fine" at the time, I didn't seek any medical intervention. Years later as back and neck pain set in I sought physical therapy believing this would "take care of it" and since I'm a PT myself, I had high hopes that it would. It turned out the best help for my mid thoracic pain was improved core strength from Pilates which also improved my posture. Becoming certified in Pilates instruction, I continued to improve some but the neck pain never stopped and the headaches got worse over time. Soft tissue work such as massage, myofascial release and Aston-Patterning as well as manual physical therapy would give me temporary relief but nothing lasted more than a week or two. At a friend's suggestion I saw Dr. Sheffield.  X-rays revealed some significant disc degeneration and improper weight bearing through the neck.  Physical exam revealed mal-alignment of my atlas and axis. Treatment of these areas has finally, for the first time in years, given me weeks now of NO headaches! I wish I'd have gotten here sooner!

Pam T., PT

Relief for the first time

I’ve had chronic back pain for much of my life.  Over the years I’ve seen several different chiropractors with only a little lasting improvement, and no real idea what the problem was.  Dr. Sheffield was the first chiropractor to diagnose that I have a rare congenital defect causing my back pain, and she has tailored a treatment plan that is, for the first time, giving me real relief.   She is a conscientious and caring doctor.


Long time patient

Dr. Sheffield! I went to her upon recommendation from my massage therapist. I was hesitant naturally, because "chiropractor" is not a comforting word for me. However, Dr. Sheffield immediately changed that. We talked for a bit, she sent for me for x-rays and to follow up she gave me a plan (which I followed). The overall health of my spine has improved immensely and after nearly 1.5yr of seeing her I go to her for a monthly tune up. The road to get to a monthly tune up was not easy and it had a particular hurdle that I will never forget. I have been a high impact athlete my entire life (soccer specifically and as an adult  crossfit). The challenges my spine present: that good ole atlas was out and needed to be re-trained, decreased cervical spine, pars defects at L3 and moderate DDD at L5-S1. Once I started to see Dr. Sheffield I began to take it easier on my body for a little while to make sure things were feeling good as I was working on improving my spine health. In October of 2017 I had an increased anterior slip at L3 and I felt a freezing sensation I had never felt before around my waist and down my hamstrings. From there it was a long road for me mentally, physically and emotionally. I was now facing a horrifying thought of "no more soccer, no more crossfit because I do not want this to get any worse." I went back to seeing Dr. Sheffield once a week and we monitored it, adjusted, talked about things I was doing or things I could try with caution. I was in pain for a long time but trusted Dr. Sheffield with my spine and I am beyond happy I did. 

 Fast forward: I weened my way back to seeing her once a month, put in a lot of work with my core and pelvic position on almost everything I do and I confidently partake in crossfit regularly again. Biggest things from Dr. Sheffield are her obvious knowledge and willingness to approach me for my specific needs with my spine. Her openness to me trying things and coming in with that "yeah I probably won't do THAT again" look and her tuning me up so I can go try more things (which now, pretty much everything is a go!). She explains things in a simple way and wants her patients to be educated. She also supports my drive in being as active as I am, within the limits that respect my body. 

 I am very thankful I went in after the recommendation. I am happily a patient of Dr. Sheffield's and will continue to be. 

Ashley W.

Pain and stress management

I love going to this chiropractor! There's a soothing environment, friendly staff, and overall, you can tell Dr. Sheffield loves -and is very skilled- in what she does. She is very personable and easy to talk to, as well as very professional and motivated to help you feel better. Dr. Sheffield has been treating a range of my complicated spinal trauma for several months now. When I first started seeing her I was in the worst, most debilitating, pain of my life. Since then, Dr. Sheffield's treatment has managed my pain, relieved much of my stress, and re-energized my life so that it is more fulfilling. The changes in my well-being have been absolutely remarkable.

Fa A.

Outstanding results

Successful health care requires a holistic approach to the body. Dr. Sheffield is a caring professional who leverages her knowledge in multiple medical disciplines to ensure a comprehensive approach to your health. My personal experience has been nothing short of outstanding.

Brett J.

MD recommended

I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Katerina Sheffield! She did a careful exam on me, including specific evaluations of spine positions and my leg lengths. The actual adjustments were very gentle but powerfully effective. I had immediate relief from low back pain even though I only needed a slight neck adjustment. Best of all, my posture is erect with no effort at all. This is effective and gentle chiropractic as I have never experienced before!

Moira D., MD

Scoliosis pain management

Dr. Sheffield is not only a remarkable practitioner, but a wonderful person.  As patients of hers, my son and I can unequivocally say she is the best chiropractor in Austin.  What a difference she has made with my son’s pain management from severe scoliosis.

Kara B.

Gentle and effective

Dr. Sheffield has made it possible for me to keep up my physical lifestyle. After just the first week of seeing her, I felt so much better! She is awesome and truly seems to care. She explains everything that she’s doing and is so gentle, but so effective. Thank you for taking away my aches and pains.

Julie M.

Her method works

Dr. Sheffield is a wonderful woman who knows what she is doing! I love going to Westlake Chiropractic because her method works! I would recommend Dr. Sheffield to anyone who needs/wants an adjustment!  

Grace W.

Knee pain gone

I've had knee problems for around 8 years and I'm only 23. One doctor told me just to live with it because it's probably just thin cartilage. I went to Dr. Sheffield because my dad thought she could help. To say the least, I was skeptical. How could a chiropractor fix my knee? Well, three months later and for the first time in years my knee does not hurt at all. Not only that, but she found the source of my problems and has retrained my spine back to a normal position. It turns out that my left leg was an inch shorter than my right and that was caused by lateral curves in my spine. She came up with a treatment plan for me and has not only fixed my knee, but she also has gotten rid of my overall stiffness and has helped my posture. I am almost back to perfect! She answered all of my questions and told me up front that if she thought she couldn't help me then she wouldn't waste my time - that right there earned my respect. She is an incredible doctor and a wonderful person. She took the time to get to know my specific issues and has worked with me on exercises to do at home. I could not recommend anyone better for any issue you have. One thing she taught me is that your spine can cause all sorts of issues all over your body - not just your back. I urge you to give her a shot - she is AMAZING!!!!!! 

Meredith W.

Chronic shoulder pain relief

I am very thankful to Dr. Sheffield for helping to relieve the chronic shoulder pain I've had for over 10 years!  It has been so easy working with her - I look forward to my weekly adjustment.  How often can you say that about going to the doctor!  Her gentle adjustments and work with the Atlas has been very transformative for me.  Her staff is great, and she is warm, fun, and welcoming.  I would highly recommend Westlake Chiropractic to anyone looking for better well-being. 

Lindsey R. 

Easy natural childbirth

As a 41 year-old mother, firefighter and paramedic, I face a lot of physical and mental challenges daily. I believe receiving regular chiropractic care has kept me balanced, relieved aches and pains and left me better prepared to handle what comes my way at work and at home. I received chiropractic care during my entire pregnancy. As a result I was able to have a natural childbirth and a very easy delivery. Katerina Sheffield-Dickey is an incredible chiropractor and an even better person! She makes you feel instantly at ease and you know that she truly cares about your well being. Katerina treats the whole patient, and tailors the treatment to fit the person. I wish she were still here in Dallas! 

Erin C.

Various ache and pain relief

Dr. Sheffield has been great at relieving my various aches and pains--even the ones I didn't know I had! Her top down approach makes so much sense. My neck range of motion hasn't been this good for a very long time. Not too long ago I was falling asleep with a heating pad on my neck and shoulder but not anymore. She came highly recommended by a friend and I haven't regretted it for a moment. Dr. Sheffield is kind, thorough and thoughtful. I look forward to my visits with her! 

Kerri O.

Upper cervical works

I began seeing Dr. Katerina Sheffield in May 2011. I was in constant pain from an ongoing neck injury. This was after I had already had disk surgery, to resolve the problem. The surgery only resolved part of the pain… at that point I was anticipating a lifetime of unresolved pain. Dr. Sheffield made one small adjustment to my upper spine (top disk) which immediately stopped the pain…. in that FIRST visit. Over the next couple of weeks the pain came and went between visits as it took several visits before my body would sustain the change (stay in alignment). I am thrilled to report that I now have NO PAIN! I almost can’t believe that such a small adjustment can make such a huge difference in my daily life…. but it does! ~ One VERY HAPPY – pain free customer :)


Not rough and jerky

Dr Sheffield is a very precise and exacting practitioner of her craft. Her technique is not rough and jerky like typical chiropractors I've seen in the past. I have had severe neck pain causing headache that would last for days on end. I tried every pain pill under the sun without results. Dr Sheffield has gotten my pain manahabman and my situation is improving. I am a bad patient and constantly working against her trying to heal me by pushing my body to the extreme daily yet she is still able to help me. That in itself is impressive. I recommend giving Dr Sheffield a chance to help you if you are in pain and are having trouble finding a solution but you have to help her help you by following her instructions on what not to do.  

David L.

Mobility improving, pain decreasing

Dr. Sheffield is an incredible doctor. Before her treatments I had gone to a neurologist and eventually received a steroid shot for neck pain resulting from an accident. Prior to the injection the pain was between 9 and 10. After the injection it improve slightly to 8 - 9. After only two treatments, my pain went to 5 - 6. My mobility is improving and the pain is gradually decreasing. It is obvious that Dr. Sheffield is an exceptional doctor. She loves what she is doing. She has developed a plan that I am sure is going to help me more than Physical Therapy or Message Therapy. She and her staff treat me with respect and always receive me with a smile. I highly recommend her. 

Leo R.

 Excellent doctor

I had the pleasure of being a patient of Dr. Sheffield-Dickey. I found her to be extremely caring, well grounded in her knowledge and health care skills, and a consummate professional. She is an excellent doctor that I would recommend to my friends and family. 

Dr. Gilles L., DZ

I saw faster results

Before visiting Dr. Katerina Sheffield, I had visited multiple chiropractors and a back specialist for almost 2 years on a weekly basis to address my severe lower back pain. I couldn’t see the end in sight. I had been thinking I’d have to get use to living with my lower back pain at just age 25. After visiting my massage therapist, Stacia Guerrero, she advised that I see Dr. Sheffield because my issues were structural, and not just muscular. Working with Dr. Sheffield, I found that her upper cervical work got right to the cause of my problem. I saw faster results in just a few months than in the past 2 years. I found her commitment to my healing process reassuring and I was surprised how quickly I noticed results. After just a few months, I feel so blessed that I found her. Thank you so much and I highly recommend Dr. Sheffield to anyone seeking chiropractic work.

John E.

They said I would never run again

After suffering a spinal injury a year and a half ago I was going to other Chiropractors and  I was told I would never run again. Within the first 10 to 15 visit I've been able to start running again and I'm already up to 20+ miles a week something I thought I would never do again. Dr. Katerina Sheffield Is a miracle worker and has magic hands I highly recommend her. 

Theo D. 

Gentle but thorough

A fantastic place with a warm, beautiful and friendly atmosphere!   Dr. Katerina has worked wonders with my neck and shoulder issues. After many months of pain and surgeries, I gave Westlake Chiropractic a try. I'm certainly happy that I did!   Thanks to Katerina, I have regained a great deal of range of motion in my spine and shoulders. I'm now able to workout and do the things that I love in life!  The gentle but thorough and knowledgeable approach by Katerina and her wonderful assistant Victoria will let you know how much they care!  I'd recommend Westlake Chiropractic any and everyone who wants the Best! 

Scott M.

Sciatica pain relief

Dr. Sheffield has effectively treated my lower back and sciatica pain by finding the actual source of my issues. So glad to have found her! Her staff is friendly and welcoming! 

Marlina M.

I feel like a new person

Over the past 10 years, I have been to just about every type of healthcare practitioner in Austin. MDs, PTs, Chiropractors,& message therapists. No one could quite put their finger on the source of my pain and chronic problems. I've been told everything from there is 'nothing they can do for me' to 'learn to live with the pain' to 'maybe someone else can figure you out' to 'you have the worst back I've ever seen.' Then I saw Dr. Sheffield. She did a thorough history, exam and x-rays and knew almost immediately what we were dealing with. Now under her care, I can sleep through the night, I've changed my diet and my supplements and I feel like a new person. Better than I have in many, many years. After the 3rd adjustment, I woke up in the morning and every vertebrae in my spine starting sliding into place. We were no longer just treating the symptoms, we treated the CAUSE! It's nothing short of miraculous to me, but all in a day's work for her. 


Pain free for long periods

I have seen Dr. Sheffield for a couple of years now. She is very nurturing, warm and most importantly, extremely knowledgeable. Over time, I have been able to reduce my visits significantly and have remained pain free for long periods of time. Recently I gave birth to my 3rd child, and compared to previous pregnancies (before Dr. Sheffield) I had almost no back pain or other issues that I experienced with my first 2 pregnancies. I love Dr. Sheffield and recommend her often to friends in pain! 

Hannah N.

Vastly reduced pain

Dr. Sheffield has been great. My first visit was based on a recommendation from a friend when I had severely tweaked my lower back, and after just a couple of appointments, I saw a vastly reduced level of pain. At this point, I leave the office feeling better than when I arrived and look forward to my adjustments. I would highly recommend Westlake Chiropractic to anyone looking for a non-invasive approach to managing their spinal issues. 

Matt B.

I am 57 and my back NOW feels like it did when I was 35. I have been seeing Dr. Sheffield for about 4 months now, and now I am wondering why I went to all the other chiropractors…. Dr. Sheffield specializes in ATLAS (the vertebrae closest to the skull) therapy which little did I know, when correctly leveled, can have a huge impact on the rest of your bost – like MY LOWER BACK! It used to take me a full 30 seconds to get out of my chair in my office – stretch, groan a bit, stretch some more - and now I POP OUT of my chair like a teenager. Flying on planes is NOTHING now… as it used to be my worst nightmare. Check it out guys… my wife and my 22-year-old daughter is now going to see her…. 

Johnny S.

Dr. Sheffield is knowledgeable, gentle and everything one could ask for in their partner on the pathway to health. She loves her work, her patients and it shows at every visit! 

Christie M.

Could Never Get Any Relief

Dr. Sheffield is fantastic, I can't imagine getting more compassionate, personal, and professional care than I have received from Dr.  Sheffield. I've been struggling with neck problems for years, and thought I could never get any relief. I've been going to Dr. Sheffield for several weeks now and have seen huge results. She's extremely compassionate and treats her patients like friends and neighbors. I've been very happy with my choice in chiropractor!

Avery C.

Laying Down Was a Struggle

When I first got to Westlake Chiropractor I couldn't sit for more than 5 mins, laying down was a struggle. I am amazed at the improvement that I have had in the 2 months under Dr. Sheffield care.  Her adjustments are super gentle.  I can sit and lay without any pain and I'm much energetic.  Dr Sheffield is an excellent doctor!  I would recommend her to my friends and family.

Tanya V.

Prevented back surgery

I began seeing Dr. Sheffield in April. When I arrived at her office, I could barely walk. I had been suffering with extreme lower back pain for quite some time but seemed to somehow "live" with it. In the month of March, while vacationing, I actually collapsed in so much pain. Dr. Sheffield sent me to have x-rays done and my L4,5, discs were out and I also had an Atlas mis-alignment. I had no idea how much trauma had been done to my back over a course a several years letting this problem go. Dr. Sheffield has truly kept me from having to have back surgery. I am no longer suffering with any back pain, neck pain, nor headaches. I can exercise again and wear my heels. She is an amazing Doctor! Until you suffer back pain you have no idea just HOW painful it can be. I am forever grateful for her. 

Laura B.

Headaches Went Away

I have been a patient of Dr. Sheffield for two years. I have had surgery for scoliosis so my needs as a patient are unique. Dr. Sheffields gentle technique and pinpoint accuracy with adjustments is what gave me relief and results after years of discomfort. Headaches went away, lower back pain left and my quality of life improved. I value that she also offers holistic care and can speak to other ailments and conditions and make recommendations for supplements and other treatments that would aid healing. She is an outstanding provider!

Christiana W.


If you're looking for a good chiropractor, STOP LOOKING. My spine was extremely out of line because of an accident I had in my adolescence and it was causing me SEVERE back pain. I went to my primary doctor, massage therapist, I even tried acupuncture to alleviate the pain and had no success. After 3 adjustments with Dr. Sheffield I was already feeling better and soon after the pain was 100% gone. Her office is very nice and warm and her receptionist Victoria is lovely. I felt like we were all friends by the end of my treatment. Such an amazing experience. 10/10

Joshua S.

Amazing improvement

When I came to see Dr. Sheffield I could barely move my neck and was in a lot of pain. After only two visits with her I saw amazing improvement and am seeing more ever time! Her office is so relaxing and her assistant is very nice. I look forward to every visit that I get to see her! 

Claire C.

I love how kind and caring Dr. Sheffield is, I highly recommend her.

Sophia H. 

Call Now, Don't Wait.

Tired of being tired and feeling a heavy weight on your neck and shoulders? I went to have a massage and the back of my neck and shoulder blade was very painful. I was told I had a rib out of place and to see a Chiropractor. I had never been to one, but when searched Dr. Sheffield came up and I got it right the first time! Thank God! Dr. Sheffield is a healer, angel, professional, kind, caring and knowledgeable. I am very thankful for her and look forward to my weekly visits because I know I will always feel better when I leave. My Atlas was out of place, causing stiff neck and fatigue all the time. So many days I left work and felt I just had to get home to close my eyes and rest my neck. After the first few appointments I noticed a difference and the need to take a nap had decreased by 70%. My neck feels better, my rib feels better and my clavicle is in place and no longer pops along my collar bone. I've never been in a major accident, but when I was young I got whip lash from the crazy dance ride at the county fair and as the years passed with no treatment your body gets more and more out of balance. If you want to feel better and are looking for a remarkable, highly-recommended Chiropractor, go see Dr. Sheffield. 

Call now, don't wait.

Haylee G.

Pain Levels Have Dropped

Dr. Sheffield specializes in working on touch and atlas methods. My mobility and pain levels have dropped since working with her and discovering some spinal issues that I didn't previously know about. Her office is clean and comfortable in a "feel good" way rather than a traditional doctor's office. Sheffield communicates well, listens well, and is quick to smile. I feel like she cares about her patients' recovery and sets forth a strategy to meet your goals.

Thea W.

Feeling Pain Free

Dr. Sheffield helped me go from chronic neck pain to feeling pain-free, and most importantly - feeling FREEDOM and JOY again. I am so grateful for her expertise. I had seen other chiros in the past and was extremely skeptical - one of them I believe made my injury worse. After 3 different people recommended her to me, I decided to give it a shot. She is extremely gentle and holistic in her approach and a true healer. No popping, twisting, etc. I don't know how she does what she does, but it has totally enhanced my life, and I'm forever grateful. 

Lauren B. 

Can now sleep through the night

A wonderful experience, I was quite dubious about going to a chiropractor, however Dr. Sheffield immediately made me feel at ease and explained the purposes and the medical reasoning behind the work that I needed to have done. She is thorough, calming, and really spends time making you understand what she is doing and what your body is going through. She really takes an interest in getting to know the patients that come in, something that is just a wonderfully nice touch when going to a doctor's office. As for the results, I was a chronic insomniac and as a result of the visits I have been able to sleep through the night for the first time in years. In addition, my balance has improved greatly. This is a wonderful chiropractor and office, I have only been to one other one, but it truly did not compare to the service and overall experience of Dr. Sheffield. 

Meredith B.

Dr. Sheffield is a wonderful chiropractor because she understands what the patient needs and gets to the point without prolonging the healing process. Her method gets the job done from the first visit. I encourage anyone who needs a chiropractor in Austin to seek out Westlake Chiropractic.


I like that Dr. Sheffield Dickey is knowledgeable, kind & compassionate – she’s a lot of fun too. It’s a bright office & relaxing place to be. 

Kelly M.

 I've seen chiropractors for many years and Dr. Sheffield has my back and neck feeling the best it ever has. 


I just want to let you know how deeply appreciative I am for all the help that you and your treatments (and spinal advice) have done for me. Your care has significantly improved the quality of my life compared to my situation when I first came to see you. I will always be grateful to you for that. 

Ricardo Wood

Drug Free Pain Relief

I am writing to give my opinion of Dr. Sheffield. I have never had Chiropractic treatment before but severe lower back pain caused me to research Austin doctors of chiropractic and thankfully found Dr. Sheffield, on my first visit Dr. Sheffield provided treatment that produced immediate drug free pain relief, subsequent treatments have produced restoration of what feels like my normal healthy back. Gentle, effective, immediate relief at very reasonable rates.

David I.


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