Austin isn't just the capital of Texas, it's the allergy capital of the world

At least it seems like it at times with the ragweed, grasses, cedar, oak and mold.  When our body senses a foreign invader such as cedar pollen, it produces histamines as part of the immune response.  Histamines are an inflammatory agent, and they are the reason your nose runs, your eyes water and you become sneezy.  People often take anti-histamines to mask the symptoms, and these drugs dry out the mucose membranes but they don't cure the underlying cause of the allergic response.  There are better, natural solutions!

Dr. Sheffield of Westlake Chiropractic can help you through allergy season with a regimine of chiropractic care and supplements that will strengthen your immune system.  Don't suffer any longer, make an appointment today!