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Full Spine adjustment

Effective non-rotational full spine care that addresses and corrects motion limitations in the vertebral joints that make up the spine. I utilize a variety of different techniques and will personalize your treatment to your tastes to ensure a comfortable experience that gets results, whether you are dealing with back pain or you just want to stay well to perform and function optimally. Activator, Thompson, SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique) are just a few of the types of techniques that I use. I will not perform rotational neck adjustments, nor side posture for low back. 

Upper Cervical Specific adjusting:

The top vertebra of the spine, C1, or the “atlas” is located where the brain stem becomes the spinal cord.  This area is densely loaded with nerves and has a unique relationship with the skull and the rest of the spine. I have advanced post graduate training and specialize in upper cervical specific work that is a combination of the following approaches: NUCCA, Atlas orthogonal, Ortho Spinology and Blair. This bone is very unique and requires a different approach than the rest of the spine.


The extremities need to be addressed when patients have global imbalances, which can wear out weight bearing extremities such as hips and knees.  A foot adjustment? Yes, every joint the body is made up of bones held together by ligaments and moved by muscles. Feet, ankles, wrists, elbows, hips and shoulders can all be adjusted. 

Muscle Work and Exercises:

My focus with muscle work is more neurological- to re-establish the connection between the brain and the muscle. Muscles can have dysfunction due to inhibition, weakness and/or tightness. Targeting the core for postural support and teaching patients to do this at home is vital for many patients. For more extensive muscle work and exercises I refer to PT.

Muscle Work and Fascial Adhesions:

For muscles with scars and adhesions from prior injuries or repetitive motion and chronic subluxation, addressing both the fascia and the muscle can improve your outcomes and speed healing and allow greater functional capacity. I use Active Release Technique and Graston to target critical areas, and refer out for therapeutic massage for for extensive soft tissue work in certain patients.