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Your spine is Grand Central Station

Your spine houses and protects the central core of your nervous system, the spinal cord, and the nerve fibers that run through your spine control virtually every organ and muscle in your body.  Your muscles and bones need healthy nerve fibers in order to work properly so that your posture, movement, strength and balance work properly as well.  Spine health and alignment is essential for your body to function at its peak.  Lack of spine health and alignment can lead to various body and joint pains, muscle deterioration, organ malfunctions and decreased mental capacity, among others.  Studies have shown a direct correlation between lower back pain and decreased mental capacity.  Studies have also shown a correlation between posture and IQ.

Dr. Katerina Sheffield of Westlake Chiropractic is an expert in spinal health, and she can diagnose and treat the spinal misalignments that hinder you.  Won't you call today?